Theme: Tailor Made Travel

Location: Macau

23-24 October 2018

23 -24 October 2018 

Macau is located in the Guangdong province, on the western bank of the Pearl River Delta.  Macau’s economy is closely linked to that of Hong Kong and the Guangdong Province, in particular the Pearl River Delta region, which qualifies as one of Asia’s “little tigers”.  Since its establishment as a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China in 1999, Macao has undergone a remarkable transformation in the tourism arena.   Apply to the Macau event and engage with the Chinese market to promote, develop or exchange your offer – targeting the rich markets of the greater bay area and the centres of Macau, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Market focus outline: Tailor Made Travel – taken from the China Market Snapshot

Millennials travel independently and seek authentic experiences

Chinese belonging to the Millennial age group are regarded as being aspirational, and to give higher priority than previous generations to experience based spending such as travel, sports, online gaming, and eating out. This can be expected to be a driver of continuing growth of the outbound travel markets, as more Millennials have the economical possibilities of travelling abroad. New ways of travelling are also more common in this group, such as the above-mentioned trend towards more independent travel. More and more young Chinese are ‘foodies’, and there is a growing interest in exploring food cultures from around the world. This translates to a demand for
authentic local culinary experiences. What can be adapted to better cater for these Chinese diners is not the food itself but rather things like menus translated to Chinese and acceptance of Chinese payment methods. Even the adventurous foodies, however, like having food they are used to now and then – which means that even this group to some extent contribute to a demand for Chinese food.

Food is not the only area that sees a trend towards more experience-seeking. As many Chinese are becoming more experienced as travellers, the focus of trips is shifting away from solely famous landmarks and shopping, towards all kinds of experiences.

Growing demand for tailor-made services

Another market opportunity lies in the fact that many travellers preferring to travel individually (instead of joining a tour group) still don’t want to do all the planning on their own. There is a growing demand for tailor-made services and products to outbound Chinese travellers, and in China both established agencies and start-ups are starting to meet this demand. Although foreign-owned companies are banned from selling products directly to Chinese outbound tourists from within China, product providers and agencies in Europe would be able to provide this kind of services through online channels.

In line with the increasing demand for independent travel and tailor-made services increase, there is a big variation in the demand of travel products – with a wide range of different niches. The outbound travel market in China has in this way become more similar to that in other parts of the world.

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B2B Matchmaking

Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

Vista Suite, MGM Cotai
Macau, Avenida da Nave Desportiva Cotai


Wednesday, 24th October 2018

Vista Suite, MGM Cotai
Macau, Avenida da Nave Desportiva Cotai


23-24 October 2018

Ballroom & Salon, MGM Cotai

Macau, Avenida da Nave Desportiva Cotai

08:45 – 09:30 Registration
09:30 – 10:40 Workshop appointments
10:40 – 10:54 Coffee Break
10:54 – 12:04 Workshop appointments
12:04 – 14:28 EU Lunch Presentation

Grand Hyatt, transfer provided

14:28 – 15:52 Workshop appointments
15:52 – 16:06 Coffee Break
15:38 – 17:30 Workshop appointments
11:20 – 12:00 Business Presentation
12:00 – 14:00 Partnerships in European Tourism Conference
Moderator: Dr Minjuan Deng-Westphal, Head of Research, COTRI

  • Key Note | The rise of Independent travellersMr. Mario Bodini, Chairman, ETOA
  • The Changing Chinese Tourists: New Needs and New Expectations | Mr Yan Zheng, GM CTRIP
  • Danish market strategy to promote a European destination in China | Flemming Bruhun, Visit Denmark 
  • How the Chinese travel industry identify a tailor made trip to Europe | Mr. Jun Lu, CITS Shanghai Co. Ltd
  • Q&A
  • Conclusions and closing remarks 
 The European Commission will have a stand at the Global Tourism Economy Forum exhibition area.

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